'Monarch' Shoulder Rig

Monarch Shoulder Rig - right and left view (worn)

Called so for the butterfly-shaped connector plate of the harness. This full-swiveling connector is made of the same soft suede or leather as the rest of the harness. This places no hard plastic or other rigid material over the spine when seated or driving.

  • Fully suede lined
  • Lower backstrap prevents forward sway and eliminates the need for tie-downs
  • Holster has a compact belt loop on the back for off-harness use
  • Butterfly plate may be inverted for fit with smaller width shoulders
  • Thumbreak fitted with one-way directional snap
Monarch Shoulder Rig - Overall view

Fighting knife sheath shown is optional. Other options also available.

Lower backstrap feature

Monarch Shoulder Rig - Lower backstrap

This feature negates any need for tie-downs. The harness is closed on three sides to prevent 'swing' when leaning forward or drawing the weapon.


Large Auto or Revolver $275.00 (plain finish, Holster $145.00, D/Mag $85.00, Harness $45.00)

Small Auto or Revolver $250.00 (plain finish, Holster $120.00, as above)