'Monarch' Options

Alternate harness

Monarch Shoulder Rig - optional harness

Many people of slighter build find the 'Y'-harness (on left) to be more comfortable. People of average or larger size usually prefer the monarch style (right).

Fighting knife sheath

Fighting Knife Sheath Option

The sheaths may be removed, but the rig should be ordered with this as original equipment in order to have the connecting hardware in place.

Non-sheath mag pouches may be returned for retrofitting.

Available for Gerber MK 1 and Cold Steel Tanto.

Stroud Ten-Pak

Stroud Ten-Pak (!)
Made To Order

This unit holds 10 magazines flatways.

These units are retained by adjustable tension for fast access. Unit has belt tie-down on back.

Backup/Ammo Combo

Made to be worn on the offside from the main weapon. Combines backup gun with ammo for the primary.

Made To Order
Backup/Ammo Combo

Breakaway Cuff Case

Breakaway Cuff Case

This snaps in the slot below the magazine pouch on all Monarch rigs.

A fast pull on the cuffs breaks the retaining snap.

Double Dump Boxes

Double Dump Boxes

These hold six rounds per side of .38/357 or .44 cal. (please specify)

Full Moon Clip Caddy

This carrier provides a way to carry fast-access reloads for all those ACP revolvers. (I use mine for a Webley MK 1.)

Made To Order
Full Moon Clip Caddy
Full Moon Clip Caddy

Triple magazine Pouch

Triple Magazine Pouch

For perfect balance when using heavier full-size pistols with the Monarch rig.

Fighting knife sheath optional. See above.


Fighting Knife Sheath, add $55.00

Stroud 10 pack: $215.00

Stroud 6 pack: $185.00

Backup/Ammo Combo: $135.00 (one mag), $175.00 (two mags)

Cuff Case: $55.00

Double Dump Boxes: $85.00

Full Moon Caddy: $225.00

Triple Mag Pouch: $125.00